Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is established to have a direct interaction and feedback from all stakeholders actively implied or interested in the biobank network and its members. The Advisory Board meets once a year to give feedback on the activities of the last year and give advice on the planned activities for the upcoming year.

The Advisory board is assembled with representatives from different organisations and stakeholders (patient organisations, government, industry, researchers, besides others). The full list of current members can be found below.

Name Institute Stakeholder category
Veerle Aertsen RaDiOrg / Patients
Sofie Bekaert VIB Researchers  (Academic)
Marianne Ghyoot BioWin Researchers  (Academic / Industry)
Katrien Lorré FlandersBio Researchers  (Academic / Industry)
 Laurent Dollé Air Liquide Researchers  (Industry)
Philippe Desmeth BELSPO Government
Michele Oleo EWI Government
tbd SPW-DG06 Government
Christine Currat  BBMRI-ERIC
Vincent van de Perre MIRRI/BCCM ESFRI infrastructures
Frederik Coppens ELIXIR Belgium  ESFRI infrastructures
Peter In’t Veld UZBrussel Biobanks
Nadine Ectors UZLeuven Biobanks