According to the Statutes of BBMRI-ERIC, the Assembly of Members shall be the body by which the Members take collective decisions on matters relating to BBMRI-ERIC. Those decisions shall then be implemented by the Director-General, together with the staff of the Central Executive Management Office and the Management Committee. (Statutes, Article 9.1)

The Assembly of Members shall be constituted through the first meeting of the Members after the establishment of BBMRI as an ERIC. (Statutes, Article 9.2)

The Assembly of Members shall be composed of all Members of BBMRI-ERIC. Each Member shall be represented by up to two delegates officially appointed by the competent authority. They may be accompanied by a maximum of three advisors who may act as alternates to the delegates. Members shall state in the appointment letter the name of the delegate with voting rights and the order of representation. (Statutes, Article 9.3)

The responsibilities of the Assembly of Members are further specified in the Statutes, Article 9.6

The BBMRI-ERIC Assembly of Members is  attended by administrative delegates of BELSPO, EWI or DGO6-SPW.
The current delegate for the Assembly of Members is Philippe Desmeth (BELSPO).