BBMRI-ERIC Stakeholder Forum

The BBMRI-ERIC Stakeholder Forum is the main interface for European patients’ organisations, civil society, industry and academia to interact with the biobanking universe. It is an integral part of BBMRI- ERIC’s governance and culture.

Through the Stakeholder Forum, we are building a sustainable, egalitarian relationship between the biobank community and its stakeholders. The objective is to increase each other’s awareness of needs and expectations on key issues related to biobanking, such as data protection, informed consent in health research, health research priorities, and other ethical, legal and societal issues.

More information can be found here

The Belgian representatives in the BBMRI-ERIC Stakeholder Forum are:

  • Veerle Aertsen ( / RaDiOrg)

  • Albert Counet (Ligue Huntington)