Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is reponsible for discussing and approving policies, strategies and financial issues related to  The Working Group Chairs report to the Board of Directors and ask approval for new proposals.

The Board of Directors is chaired by the President of and consists of the National Node Director, the Working Group Chairs, the Scientific Representatives, the Past Presidents and representatives of the Coordination Office.

Name Organisation Role
Elke Smits Biobank Antwerpen, UZA President
Annelies Debucquoy – Belgian Cancer Registry National Node Director
Johan Guns UZBrussel Chair Quality WG
Katia Emmerechts Belgian Cancer Registry Chair IT WG – Representative Coordination Office
Isabelle Huys KULeuven Chair ELSI WG
Manon Huizing Biobank Antwerpen, UZA Chair Sustainability WG
Patrick Miqueu Jules Bordet Institute Chair Stakeholder Involvement WG
Liesbet Van Eycken Belgian Cancer Registry Representative Coordination Office
Elke Berneel UZGent Scientific representative
Etienne Marbaix Biothèque de l’Institut Roi Albert II  Scientific representative
Loes Linsen UZLeuven  Scientific representative
Paul Delree IPG  Scientific representative
Hélène Antoine-Poirel Sciensano  Scientific representative
Karin Haustermans UZLeuven Past-President
Sofie Bekaert VIB  Past-President
Laurent Dollé AirLiquide  Past-President