COVID19 research in Flanders

In the last weeks we have seen in Flanders numerous initiatives to respond to the COVID‐19  crisis, many of them arising bottom‐up, often in collaboration with European partnerships that  received  funding  from  the  European  Union’s  Horizon  2020  research  and  innovation  programme. Everywhere  in  the  region,  research  groups,  as  well  as  companies,  have  reallocated budgets to address different issues related to the COVID‐19 pandemic. The Flemish universities and their experts play a crucial role in the guidance and decisionmaking of this unseen crisis. This is particularly challenging, as the virus is new and its  pathophysiology, the epidemiology and social impact need to be better understood to develop  better diagnostics, vaccines, treatments and interventions. [...]

ECCRT Workshop: Meet the Biobank Experts

If you use human samples or human cell lines for your research, you’ll need to register your organisation as an official BIOBANK with FAMHP. What are the different steps? [...]

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