has matured into a solid partner network  on biobanks in Belgium and has proven to reach out to a broader community beyond the founding partners. To allow further growth and activities, a new governance structure (BBMRI 2.0) has been worked out.

All Belgian retrospective- and prospective-, individual or institutional biobanks with translational research potential can apply for entering the network.

In contrast to, also invites users seeking structural research collaborations with the network aiming at accessing/building specific sample collections through research collaborations. Potential biobank users include but are not limited to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, research centers, universities, hospitals that do not have a biobank of their own, but are looking for collaborations with the biobanks of the network.

The following type of collaborations will be considered for biobank users:
● interest in structural (research) collaboration for biospecimen collection
● interest in structural (research) collaboration for biospecimen use
● interest in expertise /best practices sharing

More information about can be found  on the  flyer of or on our website

Are you interested to join 2.0?
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