On October 3rd, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of BBMRI.be in Hof Van Liere in Antwerp. Many thanks to all attendees of the meeting for making this event a true success!

In the morning sessions, we took a glance at the past and glimpse of the future together with the Director General of BBMRI-ERIC (Jens K. Habermann) and all the (past)-Presidents of BBMRI.be.  Many thanks to all of you for sharing with us your memories of the past and your vision for the upcoming 10 years.

In the afternoon, two parallel workshops were organized. One workshop focused on strengthening the bounds between the different health infrastructures in the Belgian landscape.
In the second workshop, BBMRI.be members participating in our B3-ISO Quality improvement project were introduced by our Quality experts in the wondrous world of Process Mapping and Risk Analysis.

Did you miss our 10th anniversary meeting?  Or do you want to look back on our great event?
Take a look at our report, which includes a summary and the slides of all our inspiring sessions: Report 10th anniversary meeting