We are delighted to welcome Biobank@VITO as the 21st biobank in our BBMRI.be network.

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👨‍🔬👩‍🔬 Biobank@VITO hosts a population biobank in which bio-specimen collected from non-diseased populations are preserved. These biospecimen have been collected since 2002 in different human biomonitoring studies comprising well-defined and ethically approved research projects. This biobank was set up to contribute to future, yet unspecified, research questions in the field of environment and health. The biological samples in the biobank are an invaluable archive that can be used to address specific policy and research questions in the future, to test old samples with new technology and according to the latest methods and insights or to measure newly identified pollutants in old samples looking for long-term trends.

In addition, Biobank@VITO hosts a small-scale cohort study aiming for system health research and focuses on registering and collecting human samples for the development of novel biomarkers for human biomonitoring and for human in vitro diagnostics and health monitoring.

More information needed? Get in touch with Rosette Van Den Heuvel & Natasha Wauters from Biobank@VITO